A wee bit about Pebble and Rock.

It’s basically a one woman show here at Pebble and Rock, I design, create, finish & pack all of your earrings and orders, with a little help from my husband, daughter, dog, 2 sheep and 11 chooks! 
I’m Sarah and I love to make things! Preferably polymer clay jewellery that give you a little bit of a confidence boost to get you through your day but too be honest I’ll give anything a try! I starting making with polymer clay at the end of 2019, although I remember my dad making figurines from Fimo when I was a kid and trying to “help” him. 

The name Pebble and Rock came about because my husbands name is Rocky, yes that’s his actual name!, and when I was pregnant with our now 3 yr old, a colleague used to call my bump Pebble because it’s a small rock! 

I live in a very small town in the Midwest of Western Australia and originally come from Scotland. I came backpacking to Australia in 2009 and never left! 

I love creating custom creations just for you. If you have an idea or design in your head, drop me an email and we can work together to make it happen.

You can also find me on 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pebbleandrockau<div>

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pebbleandrockau_

Sarah x 

hello @ pebbleandrock.com.au

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